Our Animals -

I care for a variety of animals here at the Carnival. Pythons, boas, geckos, and a variety of arachnids make up my breeder inventory. All of my breeders are selected for their health and beauty. Check out my breeders page to see my adults and check out my morph guides to see what genetics I am working with: Ball Python Morph Guide - Kenyan Sand Boa Morph Guide.

All of my availabe animals are captive bred here at Cold-Blooded Carnival. To ensure the health of each animal I do not sell any hatchlings until they have shed and eaten at least 3 times. With every animal I offer a detailed care sheet, a feed/shed history, and a guarantee of genetics and sex. After you purchase one of my animals I will always be here to answer any further questions you may have in the future.