9/30/14 - Cooling down to move up!

The 2014 season is coming to an end and I'm gearing up for 2015! I intentionally took it slow this year in order to focus on raising many holdbacks and allowing several annual breeders a year off to rest. Even though I planned for a slow year it was even slower then expected! I didn't receive some clutches I was hoping for, didn't hatch much of what I wanted (I'll hatch you next year spider caramel glow!), and I still have a couple balls waiting to drop eggs (this is the latest I've had girls lay)! My seasons usually pendulum back and forth so I'm hoping this slow seasons leads into an explosive 2015!

I'll start cooling my breeders off next month to get ready for 2015. I'll be breeding more females this season then ever before! Some of the potential highlights I have my fingers crossed for are (balls) pastel orange ghost leopard piebalds, spider caramel glows, super pastel lesser g-stripes, super chocolate super pastels, more mystic potion crosses, and (ksb's) stripe albinos, stripe snows! Take a look at the complete potential list. My woma pythons and rainbow boas won't be ready for this upcoming season but they should be good to go for 2016!

I have been expanding my rainbow collection (both brazilians and columbians). For the Brazilians, I'm focusing on Hypos and High Reds and have several beautiful pairs lined up! I've also dipped into the ghost Columbian project! The ghosts are amazing and there aren't many people working with them at the moment. Check out this pic of a ghost crb from Pet Kingdom: