8/11/15 - Ouch

Ouch... This season has not been kind. I've received a good amount of clutches but my odds have been the worst. I've missed my goals on almost every single clutch so far. I did produce some nice Pastel Lesser G-Stripes and a gorgeous mystic potion which was exciting since I've never produced either one of those morphs. I did miss on the Spider Mystic Potion this year. I also missed on all the pied crosses, red axanthic crosses, and various 3 and 4 gene projects.

Oh well. Hopefully next year will be better. I do have a few Blue Tongue Skinks for sale along with several 2014 Kenyan Sand Boas and various ball morphs (including the mystic potion and lesser pastel g-stripes). And I have a few more clutches in the incubator so it's not over yet!