Kenyan Sand Boas

I started working with Kenyan Sand Boas in 2003. KSB's are excellent snakes to keep in captivity. They are hardy and easy going and can tolerate a lot of attention and handling. They are rather shy and because of this you should always take care when digging in the substrate looking for your snake - they may become startled and bite defensively. They may also think you are a tasty meal and bite. Just be sure to move calmly and slowly when picking them up and they will be happy. Kenyan Sand Boas are beautiful and unique creatures that make a great pet whether you are a first time snake keeper or long time hobbyist.  I work with a variety of Kenyan Sand Boa mutations including: Albinos, Anerythristics, Stripes, and multi-gene combinations.

All of my available Kenyan Sand Boas are captive bred here at Cold-Blooded Carnival. To ensure the health of each animal I do not sell any hatchlings until they have shed and eaten at least 3 times. With every animal I offer a detailed care sheet, a feed/shed history, and a guarantee of genetics and sex. After you purchase one of my animals I always be here to answer any further questions you may have in the future.

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