9/3/15 - So many Anerys!

Good size litter of 23 anery KSB's from my big anery girl! She always produces big, healthy, beautiful anery litters for me.

8/31/15 - Stripes!

4 Anery Stripes, 4 Stripes het Anery, 3 Anerys, and 3 het Anerys! Nice litter from one of my stripe KSB girls. I should have a few more KSB litters over the next month or so.

8/21/15 - Pastel Lesser G-Stripes!

Finally getting some results from clutches! I've been missing the combos on almost EVERY SINGLE CLUTCH this year so I was incredibly happy to see some Pastel Lesser G-Stripes! I've been trying to make this combo for a few years now. A couple years ago I produced one but it died shortly after hatching. This clutch gave me 2 perfectly healthy male Pastel Lesser G-Stripes!

I also got a pastel g-stripe, lesser pastel het gstripe, lesser het gstripe, pastel het gstripe, and a normal het gstripe! The only thing I'm missing here is a normal gstripe!

8/11/15 - Ouch

Ouch... This season has not been kind. I've received a good amount of clutches but my odds have been the worst. I've missed my goals on almost every single clutch so far. I did produce some nice Pastel Lesser G-Stripes and a gorgeous mystic potion which was exciting since I've never produced either one of those morphs. I did miss on the Spider Mystic Potion this year. I also missed on all the pied crosses, red axanthic crosses, and various 3 and 4 gene projects.

Oh well. Hopefully next year will be better. I do have a few Blue Tongue Skinks for sale along with several 2014 Kenyan Sand Boas and various ball morphs (including the mystic potion and lesser pastel g-stripes). And I have a few more clutches in the incubator so it's not over yet!




6/1/15 - A new season!

Even though I'm taking it slow this year many of my girls (some of which I didn't even breed this year!) have either already laid clutches or are on their way! Hopefully, I'll have lots of fun ball python babies by the end of july and several KSB litters shortly after.

I've spent a lot of time building up several other projects recently. Rainbow boas (both brazilian and columbian), black sand boas, blood pythons, columbian boas, and woma pythons have been filling my reptile room as of late. I will start updating this website with pictures and descriptions of those projects shortly. Actually, I'm making it a personal goal to pay more attention to this website this year! It's far too easy to neglect the web side when I'm too busy playing with baby snakes. BUT I will make progress! More to come soon...