7/9/14 - Vanilla Blonde

Vanilla x Blonde Pastel. 2 Vanillas, 2 normals, 1 blonde pastel vanilla.

At first I wasn't sure if he was a high expression blonde or a vanilla blonde. I've had blondes hatch out with some intense yellows and incredibly faded heads. Compared to other blondes he really does pop though So I'm pretty confident he has the vanilla trait. Vanillas get lighter as they age and my vanilla breeders are out of this world! Can't wait to see how this little guy ages!

6/27/14 - Super Vanillas

First time mama protecting her clutch! This is a superb vanilla (pics really don't do her justice) and she was bred to another vanilla. Hoping to produce some amazing supers from this clutch!

6/12/14 - BRB's

I've dedicated some space for some Brazilian Rainbow Boa projects. High reds, anerys, and hypos down the road!


10/17/13 - The Future of CBC!

As this year is coming to an end it's time to start planning for the 2014 season! I'll start to temp cycle my breeders a month from now and I have my fingers crossed for some great pairings! 2013 was a good year and I was pretty lucky with some of my odds. I hit some long shots and proved out several possible hets! The following are pics of some of my highlights from this year - some have been sold and some are going to be my next star breeders!


And yes, I've finally given into temptation and added Woma Pythons to my collection! I've always LOVED this Australian species and I really look forward to working with and producing these amazing animals!


10/15/13 - Update!

The season is finally winding down. I only have one more ball clutch in the incubator and my KSB's are all done for the year. I've sold out of most of my 2013 production but I still have a handful of beauties left. I need to update this website with some new balls and I still need to get pics of the KSB's up.

I'll be vending the Midwest Reptile Show in Indy this sunday so stop by and see what I have available! 

I just returned from a great weekend at NARBC in Tinley. I always have such a great time at this show. It was good to see more variety of species then in previous years! And, as always, there were some killer ball morphs. I picked up a few animals here and there and had some good conversations with friends I haven't seen in a while. If I have time I'll upload some pics of the animals that really impressed me!