9/30/13 - More Pastel G-Stripes

Proved one of my poss het g-stripes out today by hatching out 3 pastel g-stripes! All females! This is the second poss het g-stripe girl that's proved out for me this year. One more poss het g-stripe clutch to go!

9/24/13 - Blonde Lesser & more

Blonde Pastel Lesser female, Lesser female, Blonde Pastel female, and a normal male. It's a pretty small clutch but I hit those statistics perfectly! Great color and pattern on all these guys!

9/22/13 - Site is up!!

Finally got this site up again! It's been a while and this upgrade still needs A LOT of work but at least it's something! A lot of what you see is temporary and there will be the occasional broken link. Unfortunately, I will not be able to complete my 2013 breeding records on this site until next year as it will require more time then I have to give. Did I mention that this site still needs a lot of work?

Anyway, this season went well for me! I was lucky and hit some great odds on a handful of clutches! There were definitely a handful of clutches that were a complete disappointment but I can't really complain compared to last years string of bad luck! The highlight of my year was definitely this male Spider Mystic Potion. What an absolute stunner! There aren't many of these in the world and I can't tell you how exciting it is every time I look into his tub!

Some of my other highlights this year include some gorgeous Blonde Pastel Lessers, Mystic Spiders, Super Blonde Pastels (finally!), and a Pastel Genetic Stripe. On the Kenyan Sand Boa side of things I've been rocking out with Anery Stripes, Stripes, and Anerys!

I'm still adding to my availability page but I already have a handful online! Check out my AVAILABLE BALL PYTHONS and KENYAN SAND BOAS!

Thanks for stopping by!

T. Ross Hyman

9/15/13 - 21 babies!

Large litter of anery KSB's born yesterday!