8/12/13 - Spider What?

Hmmmm... Mojave Spider or Mystic Spider? I'm leaning toward Mojave Spider. No wait, Mystic Spider... no Mojave... No wait...


8/6/2013 - KSB's

Kenyan Sand Boas! 5 het anerys, 4 anerys, 4 stripe het anerys, 3 anery stripes.

8/3/13 - Mind = BLOWN

This pic doesn't even do him justice. He glows purple! The ball python gods have been good to me and gave me a Spider Mystic Potion! Will take some better pics once he sheds out.

7/29/13 - Super Blondes!

I love the blonde pastels! And what's better then blonde pastels? Super Blonde Pastels!