7/8/13 -

This little mystic boy has a heart in it's pattern! It's the little things in life...

 ...and some freshly shed vanillas!

7/5/13 - More Clutches

Red Axanthic Pinstripes? Keep your fingers crossed!

7 healthy eggs from a Lesser Platinum het Gen-Stripe X Pastel Gen-Stripe. This will be an exciting clutch with chances to hatch out Pastels, Lessers, Gen-Stripes, Pastel Gen-stripes, Lesser Gen-Stripes, Pastel Lessers, and (hopefully!!) Lesser Platinum Pastel Gen-Stripes! Pray to the ball python gods that I hit the odds on this one!


6/18/13 - Mystic Clutch

Beautiful mystic clutch! 3.3 Mystics and 2.1 normals.

6/11/13 - Carnival Update

Things are coming along nicely over here. I'm continuing to get clutches and ovulations regularly. Here are some happenings of the last week:

I've been waiting on this clutch! Spider Mojave x Mystic. Hoping for mystic potions and spider mystic potions!

Matrix Blonde Pastel. I really love the blondies and there aren't too many super blondes in the world. I'm hoping to continue refining the matrix blonde line and hopefully make some super matrix blonde pastels this year!

Het Red Axanthic. I have a couple red axanthic projects at the moment. I'm hoping to produce some red axanthics and pinstripe red axanthics!

My big mystery girl on a big clutch!