Sire: Pastel G-Stripe           Dam: Lesser Het G-Stripe

Laid: 6/17                         Clutch Size: 7


Sire: Super Blonde Pastel        Dam: Kingpin

Laid: 6/2                     Clutch Size: 3


Sire: Mystic               Dam: Mojave Spider

Laid: 6/1                   Clutch Size: 6


Sire: Pastel Leopard Piebald Het Orange Ghost     Dam: Het Pied

Laid: 4/30                 Size: 9           Hatched: 6/22

Description: 1.2 Pastel het Pieds , 3.3 het Pieds ... Ouch! 9 eggs and not a single
piebald! Not a great way to start the hatching season. At least one of the hets is a
cool ringer!

Availability: All of these animals will be available once they have taken 3 meals. If
you're interested in animals from this clutch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Sire: Double Het Caramel Glow       Dam: Het Caramel

Laid: 5/10                   Clutch Size: 5